Friday, May 21, 2010

Giants vs. A's Series Preview Link Edition

I don't have a lot of time today for a regualr series preview so I will out source this to my fellow Giants bloggers.

Michael Urban of CSN Bay Area breaks down the teams by position.  He gies the Giants an edge in most of the positions which I can't argue with. Decent read and worth checking out.

McCovey Chronicles in the usual tounge firmly planted in cheek style breakdown the series. Grant cautions Giants fans to watch out for the A's pitchers and pretty much all pitchers in general as they are the ones that seem to make Giants hitters look poor. Don't miss the back handed diss of the way Giants have gone about developing position players which is the most striking differences between the two teams. He also makes the argument that interleague play is boring and that the rivaly kind of sucks.

Remember 51' has a different take on the rivalry, Kevin says that it is an important part of Northern California baseball and I have to say that I agree with him on this. I don't like interleague play in general but this series is okay with me.

My own two cents... I think that the A's remind me too much of the Giants/Padres type teams and that could lead to some torturous baseball this weekend. Lots of low scoring games and really bad offense from both sides. I hope the Giants win a few because things don't usually tend to go well at the Collesuem and the team isn't playing great ball right now. The crabbers will be at the game tonight so hopefully we bring some good mojo and a Giants Win.

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