Friday, May 28, 2010

Giants vs. Diamondbacks Series Preview

The Giants were swept the last time they faced the Diamondbacks but that was in there desert launch pad and only two games. The Giants are looking to continue to right the ship that over the last couple of series has played poorly including a stretch over over 20 innings where the team couldn't get a run across the plate.

Yesterday the Giants did the improbable and had a come from behind victory, which I think helps them quite a bit because things were looking like trouble if they lost the two games where Tim Lincecum and Barry Zito started.

The Diamondbacks are in the middle of their own troubles after being swept against Colorado and have dropped 4 straight. This is a match-up against two teams that have much higher expectations then the results thus far have shown this season.

ARI Edwin Jackson (3-5, 6.28) vs. SF Matt Cain (2-4, 2.88)
Matt Cain was cained in his last start, going 8 innings and making the mistake of giving up one run against the A's which was one too many as he went the distance in the loss. Cain was sharp the whole game hitting his spots with the fastball and only allowing one walk.

Edwin Jackson is a talented young pitcher who has been inconsistent thus far this season. He showed why the Diamondbacks have placed him at the front end of their rotation two starts ago against Florida where he went 8 innings striking out 12 and giving up no runs.

With the way things tend to happen for the Giants against talented but inconsistent young pitchers they will be overly aggressive and make him appear to be a Cy Young candidate. Hopefully they can scrape together a few runs for Cain tonight to get him in the win column.

ARIBilly Buckner (0-2, 9.00) vs. SF Jonathan Sanchez (2-4, 3.00)

Jonathan Sanchez has pitched well this season largely avoiding the melt down innings that have plagued him during his career. He pitched well enough to deserve a victory against the A's giving up 1 run in 7 innings before the bullpen allowed one of his inherited runners to score. He continues to be one of the hardest pitchers to hit against and if he has control he will give the Giants a good chance to win.

Billy Buckner is making his third start of the year for the D-Backs. He has not pitched well this season and he has not pitched well against the Giants in his career. Hopefully that continues.

ARIIan Kennedy (3-3, 3.41) vs. SF Todd Wellemeyer (3-4, 5.36)

Todd Wellemeyer when he pitches at home is a completely different pitcher compared to the guy who pitches on the road. I will remain optimistic that there is some magic that happens when he pitches at AT&T until further notice.

Ian Kennedy is putting together a nice season and is the type of pitcher that will give the Giants fits. He shut the lineup down in Arizona in the butt kicking game. There is no reason to suspect that he wont or can not do it again.


If the Giants want to get a series win they really need to take the first two games. Yes Wellemeyer is a better pitcher at home but he has not built enough trust to make me suspect that he is a good pitcher or trust worthy with a rubber match game. So let's hope the team makes it less suspenseful and just takes care of business these first two games.

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