Thursday, May 27, 2010

At Least the Giants are not Owned by The McCourt's

May has not been the best month thus far, the Giants have faltered sunk like a rock in the standings and the normally beautiful weather here has been crappy and rainy. It takes an optimists to stay happy in these conditions which I am not in these circumstances.

For those like myself here is a silver lining to look at, at least we are not Dodgers fans and we don't have the scum bug McCourt's running our franchise.

Sports by Brooks has a post concerning the McCourt's time in charge of the bums which is a fascinating read. Basically these two have no money outside of the Dodgers and have used the team as their slush fund to live their semi-celebrity and over the top lavish lifestyle.

Sadly though, the chances of Frank and/or Jamie selling the team, barring an unforeseen divorce court development, is nil. Why? Because they. have. no. MONEY!
Every penny spent on Frank and Jamie’s $1,000,000+ per month lifestyle and those eight multi-million dollar homes came out of the pocket of Dodger fans and the club’s business partners.
Also remember mention that the Dodgers are Frank and Jamie’s gateway to pseudo-celebrity, something they obviously revel in. How else can you explain the two embarrassingly basking in the tabloid spotlight after hiring TMZ magnets Marshall Grossman, Sorrell Trope and David Boies as divorce lawyers?
I would feel sorry for Dodgers fans if they were in fact human.
Some more silver lining is that the McCourt's are skimping on player development and are trying to cut payroll left and right. This really couldn't happen to a more deserving franchise (although it is more fun to beat them when they are at least competitive).

These are the same McCourts who have bought eight luxury homes in the six years they’ve owned the Dodgers, including two adjacent to the Playboy Mansion in ultra-exclusive Holmby Hills.
These are also the same McCourts who, as Weinbach points out, “in 2008 and 2009 spent less money signing draft picks than any other team in Major League Baseball.
This past offseason, despite the club’s shortage of pitching, the Dodgers made no effort to re-sign starters Randy Wolf and Jon Garland. The team has been on the losing end when trying to acquire stars such as RoyHalladay, Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia, and in 2008, the Dodgers addedManny Ramirez and Casey Blake only after both players’ former teams agreed to pay most of their salaries.
This was just the stuff to get my in a better mood from my rain induced/Giants in third place depression.
Thank you Frank and Jamie McCourt, I wish you a long drawn out and messy divorce that takes your franchise down with you.
Hat Tip to Damon Bruce for the discussion of this on his show this afternoon.

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