Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to do with DeRosa?

Well as A-Rod would say things are all “loosey goosey” inside Mark DeRosa's wrist right now. That is definitely not a good thing to have from a guy you signed to a 2 year $12 million contract.

Mark DeRosa was supposed to be the 5 hitter in the lineup and give us a little more right handed power presence that has not panned out and the injury that he suffered last year has been reaggravated.

Now the question is what to do?

Well the Obvious answer from the Giants is to rest him and maybe rub some dirt on it. Tendons will often just reattach themselves after a couple of days especially with Bruce Bochy’s old time baseball healing remedies (maybe we can have Moises Alou came back and urinate on his wrist).

If (and this is probably that case) rest won’t bring his wrist back to 100 percent just get the surgery. It is in the best interests of everyone.

Here is an open letter to Mark DeRosa:

Dear Mr. DeRosa,

First thank you for the candidness that you displayed with the discussion of the state of your injury, it is refreshing to hear the truth especially with the Bochy trying to spin this as nothing major and something a little rest can’t heal.

This honesty make me like you Mark (I hope you don’t mind me calling you Mark) and I am going to give some unsolicited advice please don’t play through the pain and be a shadow of the type of player you are. We will be impressed that you could do it, we may even consider naming a pet after your courageous efforts but we will be mad that you if when you go out there you were a below average player. What will make this even worse is that even though we know you’re hurt Bochy ran you out there every day.

So please, please, please take the decision out of Bochy and Sabean’s hands. They cannot be trusted with these kind of medical decisions. Their track record is pretty poor. Be smart.

You will only hurt the team by blocking actual productive players. We are ready for some more Bowkermania!™ at this point I could even take a few days a week of Andres Torres. We will be ok in your absence the run production can’t get too much worse.

So get back to 100 percent for next season so the whole contract isn’t a waste of money. What ever you do don’t play if you are not 100 percent.

See if you can take Edgar Renteria and Freddy Sanchez with you when you go to the DL. Talk them into it we know you have it in you.


The Crazy Crabbers

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  1. p.s. Hey Mark, being the up-and-up kinda guy that you are, I'm sure you wouldn't mind giving back a little of that $12 million.

    p.s.s. I typed this letter to you using Dragon speech-to-text. Not bad, eh?