Friday, May 14, 2010

Giants and Astros Series Preview:

I am not going to lie to you guys the Padres series was no fun. There was no magic inside, there was no offense, no defense and no wins.

The wheels fell off on the Giants on this one. I felt pretty optimistic coming into the series but now I think that the Padres are just the Kryptonite to this team. Every single player on the team is annoying and bugs me; they have no redeeming qualities and play in a brand new empty stadium with fair weather fans.

Let’s move on and just cover our eyes the next time we face these guys which is again next week. Poor Jonathan Sanchez is matched up against them again, maybe he will have some crazy reverse luck and give up 6 runs in 5 innings and the Giants will score 10 runs and steal him a win. Maybe with lowered expectations losses won’t feel as bad. Maybe they won’t sell enough tickets and just fold up their tents and forfeit the games.

Any way there are some more games this weekend. People will play, the Giants will give some nice stuff away for going to the games and the Padres will continue to haunt my dreams.

Friday, May 14: Todd Wellemeyer, RHP (1-3, 5.97) vs. Felipe Paulino, RHP (0-5, 4.67)

Hopefully the Astros guy is worse then Wellemeyer and the offense plays like they have something to prove. That is the best case scenario the more likely scenario the Giants start pressing on offense and Paulino cruises through 7 innings while only throwing 35 pitches, Wellemeyer blows up and the Giants are blown out but at least it is quick and painless. We can all turn off the TV after the third inning when it is 20-0 and the Giants are swinging at pickoff throws to first base.

Saturday, May 15: Tim Lincecum, RHP (4-0, 1.86) vs. Roy Oswalt, RHP (2-4, 2.63)

Lincecum pitches well and the bullpen blows the game for him. That is too easy and too down in the dumps, how about this Lincecum pitches a great game and the Giants win. I like that better I think that the other could happen but I just wont think about it.

Sunday, May 16: Barry Zito, LHP (5-1, 1.90) vs. Brett Myers, RHP (2-2, 3.52)

Barry Zito had a crappy outing but some how held it together from getting crazy out of control. I am going to say that he is back to good Zito but I can’t guarantee it. I am surprised that my pessimism allows me to write that at all.

I wouldn’t be surprised if things go completely off the tracks and we lose this one. I will just cross my fingers and take my happy pills


The Giants lose 2 out of 3 and make every pitcher look like a Cy Young candidate. The wheels fall off and Bruce Bochy overreacts by mixing up the lineup and putting Bengie Molina in the lead off spot because he has Veteran Savy and the hot hand and Eli Whiteside batting cleanup because he saved us from a perfect game being thrown.

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