Monday, May 30, 2011

The Giants Historically Bad Offense

The Giants offense is sputtering and is on pace to be the worst offense in the San Francisco era and the worst on a per game basis since 1902.

In the history of the franchise, the Giants have always been one of the better hitting teams in the league. This proud tradition of good hitting teams makes the current iteration of the offense really hard to stand. The 2011 offense has two regulars with an OPS+ above 100 in Freddy Sanchez and Andres Torres. Their two best hitters are on the disabled list and the rest of the lineup is filled with guys that are having career worst years.

When you add up all of this, it's no wonder that you get a team averaging 3.4 runs per game. Yet somehow, this team, despite being outscored, is above .500 and still well in the thick of the playoff hunt. I guess having a historically good pitching staff can cover for a lot.

Here are the worst ten scoring teams in the Giants history and their winning percentages:

Year W-L% Runs per game
1902 0.353 2.87234042553192
2011 0.538 3.40384615384615
1985 0.383 3.4320987654321
1956 0.435 3.50649350649351
1992 0.444 3.54320987654321
1980 0.466 3.55900621118012
1943 0.359 3.57692307692308
1976 0.457 3.67283950617284
1968 0.543 3.67484662576687
1907 0.536 3. 70322580645161

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