Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bochy's Lack of Faith in Romo

Sergio Romo got to face one batter last night. He gave up a soft single to Matt Kemp and was quickly replaced by Brain Wilson.

The reasoning behind this is Bruce Bochy wanted to get Wilson in the game. Andrew Baggerly reported in his post game notes:
Bochy acknowledged that Wilson might have been rusty. But he hadn’t used his closer on the entire road trip, and he wanted to get him in this game. He didn’t want the Dodgers to tie it in the eighth, potentially, and then end up bypassing his closer entirely. So Bochy tabbed Wilson for his first four-out save chance of the season
With two outs in the ninth and a runner on, why did he even let Romo face a batter? Why not just bring in Wilson for the four out save right away?

From my armchair many miles removed from the situation, it seems that Bochy is lacking faith in his right hander and is grasping for explanations for his quick hook. In the end, I am glad that it worked out, but geez, that game was way too close for comfort.

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