Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buster Posey Injured

UPDATE: CSN reporter Amy Gutierrez is reporting this via twitter:
Unofficial update: #sfgiants Chris Stewart and Brandon Belt called up. Ford to D.L. Posey has broken leg and torn ligaments.
Mychael Urban says it is a broken ankle. Either way, it is really bad news. It is unlikely that Posey plays again this season.

Buster Posey got absolutely steamrolled in the 12th inning last night and the early word is that it is "not good."

Here is the play if you haven't seen it. The Giants had him have x-rays after the game and he is scheduled for an MRI today.

Here is the latest information courtesy of Andrew Baggerly:
First, the latest on his condition: Posey went for X-rays on his left ankle and he will have an MRI Thursday morning. The Giants did not release X-ray results and they won’t have anything new until Thursday morning, when they are expected to make multiple roster moves. (Mike Fontenot hurt his groin in the game, too, and Darren Ford probably was headed to the DL with an ankle injury, anyway.)

But a club official put it to me this way: “Not good.”


“Not good.”

For now, all I can tell you is the Giants are very concerned, they are saying prayers, and they did not react harshly to Scott Cousins’ decision to go high and hard while scoring the tiebreaking run for Florida in the 12th inning.
If this turns out to be a serious injury, which it appears to be at first glance, this could have huge ramifications on the Giants season and possibly future. The Giants haven't had the best of luck with injuries this season, but this is the worst one to strike yet.

This was a great game for the Giants. They fought back with what had to be the longest streak ever of bloop hits, but none of that matters anymore. I would have gladly lost a blowout to keep Posey. Someone needs to organize a grief counselor for the Bay Area because I think everyone needs it right about now.

Any significant loss of time of Posey, the Giants best everyday player, could mean two or three wins for this team and make the playoff race much closer than anyone would ever want it to be. I hope that this is a case where it looks worse than it actually is; maybe it will just be a bad sprain with no significant damage done.

At this point, hope is all we have left.

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