Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My goal for attendence for 2011

Over the first couple of series, the San Fransisco Giants fans have showed up in full force. AT&T Park is one the greatest fan experiences in the baseball world. Every home game has been a sell out.

Although I enjoy seeing all the big crowds at the yard, I am still a bit skeptical. I have a feeling that most of these fans are bandwagoners from the recent success in the playoffs. They are the ones in the crisp new hats asking questions like "Why isn't Cody Ross hitting clean up? That guy should be an MVP."

We shall see how loyal these fans are when AT&T Park has a flashback to the old days out at Candlestick with freezing, gael force winds and endless hounds of seagulls or if the Giants suffer through a rough patch and are not in the hunt come September.

Anyway, my goal for attendance this season is to have more fans at the yard by the All Star Break than the A's have in the entire year. This is a bit of a lofty goal for the reason that the Giants have so many road games in the early part of the year. It should be within reach, with the A's on pace for 1.49 million fans for the season and the Giants on pace for 1.8 million before the All-Star Break.

Looking a little but more long term, I expect the team to be in the top five in average attendance for this season, competing with Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox, Rangers, Twins, and Cardinals. As of right now, the Giants sit third behind New York and Philadelphia.

Come on Giants fans. We got this.

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