Friday, April 16, 2010

Bumgarner Struggling in Triple-A

Rob Neyer reports that Giants prospect Madison Bumgarner is continuing to struggle in AAA this year. Through two starts this year Bumgarner has been hit hard, he is carrying a 14.14 ERA and .538 opponents' batting average after coming into the season with a 27-5 record and 1.65 ERA in the minors. The velocity has not returned and is beginning to make me a little nervous. We still are in small sample size territory here and it is not something to get overly dramatic about but it does cause concern.

Here is the choice quote from Neyer:
Bumgarner opened last season throwing 90-94 with Class A San Jose, dropped to 87-90 in the summer with Double-A Connecticut, and finished at 85-88 with the Giants in September. In spring training, the Giants let him throw seven innings, in which he recorded seven walks and zero strikeouts. And now he's throwing cookies in the Pacific Coast League.
I am still hopefully for the kid turning into something special but the track record for pitchers flaming out is pretty high and it may be going down that path. I hope that this is just something mechanical that can be worked out or that if there is something medically wrong that it can be worked out and fixed.

I also found this interesting breakdown of Bumgarner’s mechanics which the author suggests could lead to some potential injury. Hopefully that doesn’t happen with such a talented kid.

If this continues for too much longer in Fresno nervousness may start to turn to panic.

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