Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Giant's throw 1 hitter and lose yep that sucks

So this is probably the worst three loss stretch I have ever really been through. Sunday we are beat by Manny and his steroid boobs as Zito throws a gem. On Monday they are beat on a walk off homerun by David freaken Eckstein after a gritty start by Matt Cain who pitched well even without the beat stuff and now the lose after giving up only 1 hit. What can you say about this?

Really there is nothing? This has to be the rock bottom for heart renching losses, the only way to make this worse is that stupid rally monkey to come back and haunt my dreams again. Actually it could get worse we still have on more game in this house of horrors.  

Now we have to rely on Todd Wellemeyer to stop the sweep.

I don't even want to write anything about this game but I guess we should think about this sonemore and drive ourselves into depression. 

The Giants blew chances, Sanchez can't get a sacrifice bunt down and a lead off double is nuteralized. 

Edgar Renteria kills 2 rallies with double play grounders. 

Pablo hits a double but can't get pushed across the plate. Bowker hits a blooper that David Eckstein makes a run saving catch on. 

On the one hit from San Deigo, they are able to get to third on a great play by Huff and a drive in the run on a sac fly after a battle and some nasty pitches from J Sanchez. 

In the eighth Nate leads off with a tripple but can't score. I don't even want to sat anything about those at bats. 

The Giants blow another chance in the 9th with a runner on third with 1 out and can't drive it in. 

So another day another heart stomping loss. Jonathan Sanchez deserved better, when you go 7 innings with 1 hit you shouldn't get a loss.

The Giants can't get out of town fast enough.

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