Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let's Not Rush Posey

Is Posey Ready for the Big Time? The Giants brass seems to think so and we may be seeing him sooner rather than later.

The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that Buster Posey may be getting a call and a plane ticket pretty soon to join the big club:
Team officials have discussed bringing him up sooner, The Chronicle has learned.
One team official said fans likely will not see Posey in San Francisco this weekend or even in Florida next week. However, the brass is keeping close tabs on Posey as the Giants' offense regresses.

The 2008 first-round draft pick is catching and playing first base at Triple-A Fresno at a time when Giants catcher Bengie Molina and first baseman Aubrey Huff are not producing. One does not need binoculars to see the potential benefit of Posey as a backup at each position.
I think that saying that Molina and Huff are not producing is a bit much they are not lighting the world on fire but they are not in the worst slumps ever either. Huff is hitting .239/ .333/ .358 and looks to be having a good approach at the plate and hopefully some more hits will come his way soon, this is not the time to get too hasty. Molina is hitting as good as expected and has even taken some walks this year, he is sporting a .308/ .362/ .404 line and these are what you would expect based on his career numbers.

So the question does bringing up Posey make sense? You may look at his numbers in AAA and say that he should have been here yesterday but I think waiting is probably the better option at this point.

The guys he would be backing up/replacing are not horrible at the moment and have been giving the team value and we must figure out what kind of numbers to expect from Buster. His MLE thus far is not quite as good as you would expect from a guy hitting .353 in Fresno. You also need to consider what kind of playing time he would get with the veteran obsessed Bochey at the helm. I wouldn’t put it past him to burry him third on the depth chart at both catcher (Whitesides doesn’t look to be going anywhere now that he is Jonathan Sanchez’s lucky backstop) and first base.

His triple slash breaks down like this: .299/ .377/ .376 so he might be a little better then Huff at the moment but he isn’t really an upgrade over Bengie at the current time. If he starts to hit for power along with the walks on average that really forces the Giants hand but right now I think that the best option is wait.

There is no need at this point to start the arbitration clock, it may make some prospect starved fans happy but this isn’t the time yet. I will be excited when he comes up but it is not quite that time, you don’t need to rush the kid if it isn’t an emergency.

Patience is a virtue, let's practice it.

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