Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giants have the best fans on the west coast

This one is just for you guys, the fans. We here in the Bay Area always support our teams, but especially Giants fans. The Giants have the second best national league average attendance west of the Rocky mountains at just over 36,000 a night, the only national league team above the G-men? Those bums of L.A. No disrespect to the Dodgers but AT&T Park is much nicer than Dodger Stadium (Or for that matte better than just about every park in baseball). At least here in the Bay Area we do not arrive in the 3rd and leave in the 7th like some people(Bums).

Although AT&T has lacked something that it deserves, a tradition that is done during each game. For example: Roll Call in Yankee stadium, Giants fans we need to prove to the east coast that we can compete with their traditions.

A few ideas, lets create the rally Panda so if we ever meet those nowhere close to L.A. but close to Disneyland Angles in the World series again we can defeat the Rally Monkey!

We also need to get louder with the "he's a bum chants", when I go to games these are always the most fun to be a part of and they do mess with the heads of players trust me I know!

So Giants Fans keep up the good work and together we can make AT&T Park the best place to watch baseball in the MLB, like they say; there's magic inside!


  1. Great post the Giants do have good fans

  2. I don't know if the Giants need to prove anything to the East Coast.

    We are building our own traditions out here and we don't need to copy anything that other have done. I am feeling Orange Friday's so hopefully that continues.

  3. im not saying adopt there east coast traditions just compete with them