Friday, April 23, 2010

Giants/Cardinals Series Preview

Okay, so with that awful Padres series over there is not much to look forward to but at least the G-Men are coming home to the friendly confines of AT&T Park on Friday night to open up a big weekend series with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cards are coming in with a record of (10-5) having won six of there last 10 games. They sport a potent lineup with the demi-god Albert Pujols and a good supporting cast of Colby Rasmus, Ryan Ludwick and Matt Holliday. All of which would arguably be the best or second best bat in the Giant's lineup.

The Giants on the other hand are floating just above the .500 mark at (8-7) having lost some tough games on there So-Cal road trip which couldn't end fast enough. Hopefully being back at home and having an off day will do the trick, other wise Bochey needs to consult with someone to fix the mojo of this team.

In this series there are three very good pitching matchups and the wild card will be if the Giants can get back to their timely hitting ways that they had earlier in the season.

Game 1: Jaime Garcia (0-1) 0.69 ERA vs Tim Lincecum (3-0) 0.90 ERA

Anytime Timmy is on the mound the Giants have a chance to win, so it is my opinion that the Giants take game one. Tim has been as good as the last two season if not better. I don't think that there is anyone who would want a different guy on the mound to try to stop this 4 game skid, it will even be nice to have his bat in the lineup. To top it off it is snuggie night, hopefully the baseball god smile upon this.

Game 2: Adam Wainwright (3-0) 1.5 ERA vs Barry Zito (2-0) 1.86 ERA

I do not think that anybody would have agreed with me if I told you Barry Zito would be 2-0 with an ERA under 4 after his first three starts but the guy is pitching great. I think it is the socks that have pleased the baseball gods, either that or he has sold some of his soul I haven't figured out quite yet. This should be a very good match up.

Game 3: Brad Penny (2-0) 1.29 ERA vs Matt Cain (0-0) 3.86 ERA

For this series this is matchup is the most interesting. Penny the former Giant going against I wouldn't say struggling Cain but not the same Cain we all saw last year. Cain has been a gamer and pushed through even though he hasn't had his best stuff. I really hope that he gets some run support and can pick up the first W of the season. Im looking for this to be the game of the series.


If the Giants bring their lumber (assuming they didn't compost it for Earth Day) and come ready to hit the ball and score runs they have a shot at a sweep, yes a sweep. The pitching is there and is the core to the team's chances of winning, if the bats do not show up this could be another San Diego series and well that just did not turn out the way we had all hoped.

There is a very good chance that the G-Men exit this series at the .500 mark. This is the first of many non-divisonal series that the Giants need to perform will in to prove to the rest of the MLB that they are a contender and not a one year wonder. I have a feeling though that this season will have lots of ups (the beginning of the season) and downs (the So-Cal road trip) where we have no idea where the true talent level of this team is.

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