Thursday, November 17, 2011

Larry Baer Confirms Giants Fans Worst Fears

Larry Baer spoke recently about the Giants needs this off season. After watching the video it is pretty apparent that the Giants will not be players in any of the top (or even mid level) free agents this off season.

"Around the field, certainly we want to add some bats. We are going to be careful that we do it the right way."

Reading between the lines, we are looking for bargains and staying away from the big name (and big contract) free agents, the second quote pretty much comfirms that.

"We're just looking at other things, some utility players and some other opportunities. We're not necessarily shopping, per se."

So no Jose Reyes, no Jimmy Rollins, no Carlos Beltran, no move that will really improve this offense. The big move this off season looks like it is Melky Cabrera, which wasn't a horrible move but it certainly wasn't a move that will change the worst offense in the NL into an average offense.

"I think in a way we have 2 new free agents, Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez because they are both coming back."

Hey you've got to give the guy credit that he is going to try to keep selling this line, that is why the executive committee really like him I guess.

I took a look at that earlier this morning and yeah, I guess it could work but it is full of risks and it takes the best case scenario to get back to a league average offense.

A tip of the hat to @GGGiants for passing along the link.

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