Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Giants Misguided Way to Build a Baseball Club

Every Giants fan needs to chip in to send Willie Bloomquist a nice gift basket. Bloomquist, by choosing Arizona over San Francisco recently, saved Brain Sabean from himself.

This is the type of thing that really boggles my mind and makes me question if Sabean knows what he is doing when he is building a baseball team.

Let's take a look at what he has done thus far this off-season.

He signed Javier Lopez to a two year $9 million contract. He picked up Jeremy Affeldt's $5 million option. He nearly signed Willie Bloomquist to a two year $4.6 million deal.

Do you know what the fWAR was for these players last year was?

A combined 1.2!

Sabean wants to give a combined $11.8 million to these guys who have a market value of around $5.4 million dollars. That's right he wanted to pay more than double what the market price for what these guys produced last season!

Look I would rather have a nice filet mignon with caned/frozen veggies than a plate full of fresh organic vegetables with no meat at all. If the team isn't going to spend like the Phillies/Red Sox/Yankees I can do with cheaper options on the side (read rookies that you plug in as a back up infielder or loogy) if that means that you go after a big bat that can bring this horrid offense from league worst to middle of the road.

This pitching staff and this fan base deserve better.

You might not have noticed but the honeymoon period that I gave to Sabean after winning the World Series is over. I am fed up with the way that he builds a ball club and I am fed up with the Giants ownership crying poor when they are selling out the stadium every game and are one of the highest revenue teams in baseball.

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