Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giants Extend Brian Sabean, Bruce Bochy

Well I can't say that this news was unexpected, this was pretty much going to happen no matter what baring some sort of major scandal.

While I have a certain times not been thrilled with both of these guys (Brian Sabean more than Bruce Bochy) they both have some good points that are nice to have around.

Get ready for more bad middle tier free agent signings because the rainy day fund means top tier talent off limits. Get ready for more crazy lineup shuffles based on small sample fluxuations and prospect mishandling. It should be another maddening couple of seasons but hey maybe lightening in a bottle can be caught again.

I could have more outrage but it is hard to get mad about something that you know is coming. This announcement is like when Monday rolls around after a fun weekend, you knew it was coming, it sucks but you're aren't really mad about it.

There we go Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy, they are like a case of the Monday's. If only this announcement came yesterday.

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