Monday, January 23, 2012

Update on the Giants Budget

UPDATE 1/24/2012 3:00PM: With the Giants signing Tim Lincecum the roster is essentially finalized with the last questions figuring out the last people on the bench and in the bullpen (even that might not be that interesting).

With the Lincecum deal it looks like the Giants will be at around $128-129 million dollars and the only real change that may come is if the Giants extend Matt Cain and it alters his 2012 salary as well. I'll keep updating things as the pre-arbitration deals are announced.


The Giants have taken care of just about all of their arbitration cases (except for the really big one for Tim Lincecum but that seems to be close to being resolved as well) and with their roster pretty much set the picture of what the Giants payroll for next season is nearly complete.

With management setting a hard cap for the season at $130 million it looks like the team is going to be right at the number and may end up slightly over it depending on the raises that the team gives to the pre-arbitration players.

Here is the current roster with the salary for each player (or estimate):

Starting Pitchers
2012 Salary
Tim Lincecum

Matt Cain
Madison Bumgarner
Pre Arb Estimate
Ryan Vogelsong
Barry Zito
Relief Pitchers
2012 Salary
Brian Wilson
Sergio Romo
Santiago Casilla
Dan Runzler
Pre Arb Estimate
Javier Lopez
Jermey Affeldt
Guilermo Mota
2012 Salary
Buster Posey
Eli Whiteside
Chris Stewart
Pre Arb Estimate
2012 Salary
Aubrey Huff
Brandon Belt
Pre Arb Estimate
Freddy Sanchez
Brandon Crawford
Pre Arb Estimate
Pablo Sandoval
Mike Fontenot
Emmanuel Burriss
Brett Pill
Pre Arb Estimate
2012 Salary
Nate Schierholtz
Angel Pagan
Melky Cabrera
Still Owed Money
2012 Salary
Aaron Rowand
Total 2012 Payroll:

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