Friday, January 27, 2012

Giants Sign Ryan Theriot

Jon Heynan of CBS Sports is reporting that the Giants have signed former Cardinals shortstop Ryan Theriot.

The deal is reportedly for $1.25 million with incentives that could push it to $2 million.

My initial reaction is that this isn't a bad deal, certainly doesn't break the bank. In addition it sets up the possibility of a shortstop platoon as Theriot right handedness compliments Brandon Crawfords left handedness. He offers some value offensively with a career 107 wRC+ against left handed pitching but he is a liability on defense so he should really be used sparingly in the field especially with more ground ball heavy pitchers.

Theriot is a decent utility infielder (which the Giants seem to cornering the market in) but really shouldn't be expected to be a full time starter making him a decent fit for the Giants. This does create some questions about who will make the final 25 man roster where the Giants seem to have stockpiled quite a few middle infielders, I guess it will come down to the classic Spring Training competition that the team loves.

This isn't a flashy signing and as long as Bruce Bochy doesn't develop a veteran crush and start him everyday this should be a solid pickup for the team.

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