Friday, March 14, 2014

Giants Links for 3/14/14

It's Friday and that means it's time for some links. Here is the best of the best from around the web:

Giants Links:

Vogelsong scraps new mechanics and reaps benefits, Susac shines in tie with Rangers (BASG):

Vogelsong was apparently trying to copy a few things from Clayton Kershaw but the results just weren't there, so last night he reverted back to his old mechanics to much better results. A sample size of one won't tell us anything but it is a positive that the results were better last night. I sure hope that he bounces back to somewhere near his 2011-2012 form.

Searching for Impact Talent (You Gotta Love These Kids):

Impact talent in the minor leagues is not plentiful and it is heavily concentrated in the front part of the draft. Considering all of that the Giants are doing pretty well for themselves.

Brandon Belt talks about dealing with the crazy expectations of Giants fans and the crazy minority that always seem to be disappointed with him for some reason or another. 

Baseball Links:

A very cool, blue sky style imagining of what a baseball stadium might look like in the future.

This would be a nice blueprint for the Giants to follow. They have the money to go get the players that they really want but not quite enough to go crazy like say the Yankees or Dodgers. I think that Brian Sabean has done an underrated job of maximizing the assets that he has on hand and if the Giants are to continue to be successful that will need to continue. 

I know that this will come as a huge surprise but the Giants pitching depth is not the greatest, based on this they come in 21st place. The one wild card that isn't included would be if the Giants bypassed both Michael Kickham and Yusmeiro Petit and took a chance on the higher upside of Edwin Escobar even though he has less high minors/major league experience.

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