Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can Hunter Pence rebound in 2013?

Hunter Pence has been the talk of the Giantspartially for his crazy singing and dancing and also because he will play a very import role in the 2013 Giants offense. Over at Bay Area Sports Guy I wrote up a post looking at what to expect from Pence in 2013.
When the Giants traded for Hunter Pence last season they thought that they were getting a big bat to fill the middle of their lineup.
It didn't quite turn out that way for the Giants with Pence hitting just .219/.287/.384 in 248 plate appearances, not that it ultimately mattered as the Giants won the World Series in spite of his offensive ineptitude.
Looking back at his partial season with the Giants, he put up numbers well below his career norms. His full year stats also resulted in career lows in batting average, slugging, isolated power, strike out rate and Wins Above Replacement. His season was so bad that he lost 7 points on his career batting average, 4 points on his on base percentage and 10 points on his slugging percentage.
Overall, things were ugly.
So the big question for the Giants is what to expect this season? Should we expect the weak hitting guy who suited up for the Giants last year or the middle of the order threat they thought they traded for last season?
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