Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Giants DH Options

With the World Series comes games in American League ballparks.

With games in American League ballparks comes the weird rule of having a guy called the "designated hitter" to bat for your pitcher.

Seeing as the Giants don't do this kind of thing often I took a look at the options over to them over at Bay Area Sports Guy.

Here is a sampling of the options:
If Bochy wants to play for the platoon advantage he will look to add another left handed bat, so that would be either the switch hitter Sanchez or Huff. If he wants to put his strongest defense on the field he will go with Arias at third and Sandoval at DH. If he wants someone who has the potential to hit the ball over the fence… well there really isn’t anyone but I guess he might choose Nady.
Check out the full thing. There is a pro and con list and everything!

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