Friday, October 12, 2012

Lincecum, Zito Among Least Valuable Pitchers

Over at Beyond the Boxscore, Glenn DuPaul took a look at the least valuable players this season based on what a player produced on the field compared to what the team payed him.

On this list are two of the Giants pitchers, Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum.

It shouldn't be too much of a surprise to people that have watched the Giants. Neither of these guys were all that good this season and each made over $20 million.

For National League pitchers that qualified for the ERA title, Lincecum posted the highest ERA, Zito had the 9th highest mark. In other words that was a bunch of runs surrendered for all those millions.

Luckily for the Giants having two of the highest paid number 4 and 5 starters in the league didn't kill the season as the team is getting ready to play in the NLCS. For another team that didn't quite have the financial flexibility of the Giants it could have taken down the whole season.

I am happy that this wasn't my money and I sure won't complain too much with the Giants in the playoffs.

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