Monday, October 15, 2012

Giants Exec Refutes Claim Giants Never Talked About Bringing Beltran Back

One of the things that really ticked me off last off-season with the Giants was that the Giants didn't bring back Carlos Beltran. After he was signed by the Cardinals at a bargain price it hurt even worse.

To top it all off, the story was that the Giants didn't even make an offer to their big mid season acquisition who they had traded their top pitching prospect to get.

Now, John Shea of the Chronicle has gotten word from Giants VP Bobby Evans that it isn't true.
For the first time publicly, a Giants official responded to Beltran's stance that the team did not contact him or show any interest. Assistant general manager Bobby Evans, when relayed Beltran's comment that he didn't hear from the Giants, told The Chronicle he had approximately 12 discussions with Beltran's agent, Dan Lozano, including one face to face at the winter meetings. Plus text messages. 
To fill their outfield spots, the Giants traded for Kansas City's Melky Cabrera and the Mets'Angel Pagan
"I don't know if Lozano never conveyed that we had a dozen or so conversations," Evans said. "It's a great mystery. I'm very pleased we were able to acquire Cabrera and Pagan for the same money (that Beltran makes in 2012), but to say we didn't have conversations (with Beltran's agent) is a falsehood. It's just not true. 
"All I can speculate is that Lozano didn't convey the conversations to the player."
No offer was made to Beltran, but Evans said, "We talked in dollars and years, but ultimately the timing was not right. They wanted to wait and feel out the market, and we needed to execute business."
 It doesn't take any of the sting out of losing out on bringing back Beltran, but at least the Giants tried compared to the previous narrative that they didn't seem to care either way.

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