Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wilson's Selfishness Nearly Costs the Giants a Win

With Brian Wilson throwing a 1-0 slider to Tyler Colvin something went wrong. As of this writing what exactly it is is still uncertain, but with Wilson's history it is probably something to do with his back or oblique apparently it is his ankle that he hurt.

After catching the pitch Buster Posey noticed something wasn't quite right and called for the trainers to come out and look at him. Wilson threw a practice pitch, that according to Jon Miller, came in there at 84 mph, well below his normal stuff.

Wilson, Giants trainer Dave Groeschner, and Bruce Bochy huddled on the mound a little longer but I guess Wilson was able to convince them he was okay and to continue to pitch.

Well it became pretty obvious that he was not okay after a few short pitches where he lost 5 mph off of each of his pitches. His fastball went from 93-94 to having to really labor to get up to 90 mph, his slider/cutter went from 88-90 to 83-86.

It is pretty obvious from this speed chart that Wilson had lost stuff and wasn't right.

All of this while the bases were loaded and the Giants clung to a 3 run lead.

He proceeded to walk Colvin, cutting the lead to 2 and bringing up Marco Scutaro. At this point it was pretty obvious that Wilson wasn't right. The coaches should have pulled him, better yet he should have done the thing that would have given his team the best chance of winning by bringing in a pitcher who wasn't trying to pitch through an injury.

Wilson got away with it this time, but his decision was selfish. He may have thought that it was the "tough" thing to do but in reality it put his team at a disadvantage and could have cost the team a victory.

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