Friday, April 6, 2012

On the Brandon Belt and Brett Pill Platoon

First came the news that Brandon Belt was on the team then came the news that Belt would be splitting time at first base with Brett Pill in a left/right platoon. Over at Bay Area Sports Guy I explained why this really isn't a big deal and might actually be better for the team and Belt in the long run.

An excerpt:
Belt has had a bit of a strikeout problem in the upper minors and especially in the majors. This could be one way to get him experienced with Major League pitching without giving him too much to try to adjust to at one time. If you look at his splits in both the Majors and the minors, he has struck out at a much higher rate when facing left-handed pitchers. Last year he struck out in 29.4 percent of his plate appearances against lefties in the Majors and in 31.1 percent of his minor league plate appearances against lefties. Against righties his strike out numbers are much better: 26.6 percent and 17.2 percent, respectively.
Read the whole thing.

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