Monday, April 9, 2012

Bochy says Belt will play everyday, promptly benches Belt

So the Giants lineups for today's Giants game were posted and the name that is surprisingly missing is Brandon Belt. Belt hasn't gotten off to a hot start going 1 for 10 against Arizona with 5 strikeouts but after the comments made by Bochy after the game this lineup made me do a double take.

Here is what Alex Pavolic of the Bay Area News Group reported in his blog after yesterday's game:
Een with Belt’s slow start, Bochy said he has no concerns about the first baseman, who rode the shuttle from San Francisco to Fresno much of his rookie season.

“He’s going to be out there,” Bochy said. “That’s what you do at this point, you throw these guys out there.”
April 8th, "don't worry Belt's going to play through his slump We haven't lost confidence in him." April 9th "Belt's not hitting well, so let's go with the vastly superior Huff with his 2 for 11 line. After all that's double the number of hits!"

What a difference a night's sleep makes.

Small Print: I know that one day off means nothing but when it comes to Brandon Belt and being jerked around between starting and not starting this is a sensitive subject. When it was talked about that Belt would be a platoon player it was pointed out that he would start the first five games and then Bochy reiterated the point with his post game comments, this year the team was going to stick with Belt. I sure hope that continues to be the case but this kind of action makes me nervous.

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