Friday, February 3, 2012

Media Day Notes

Tim Lincecum is tired of hearing about leaving San Francicsco. His two year contract doesn't mean he wants to leave just that e was trying to get a deal done before arbitration and this is where the two sides were closest.

Buster Posey is tired of being asked how his leg is holding up. He is well ahead of schedule and is feeling good. He is still a bit nervous about his leg at times but has come along way in trusting that it can hold up.

Aubrey Huff is in a bit of a surely mood. Check out the video that Giants Nirvana took of him.

Brian Wilson interview suite is awkwardly quiet. Oh also he enjoys Starbucks in case you were interested. He loves dub step and teams from Boston. Oh also his elbow feels great and he has been throwing since January 1st.

Pablo Sandoval was happy and looks to be in good shape. Said that it is much easier to workout when you come in to the offseason in good shape.

Sergio Romo loves Kinders. He is a humble guy and gives a great interview. Although he is like all of us and watches him self throwing sliders striking out guys.

Dave Righetti and I had an excellent talk about pitching and the Giants philosophy. Biggest surprise was that the Giants pitching coaches don't really use any of the pitch fx data, in fact Righetti didn't even know about it. I bet he looks in to, he seemed interested.

More to come later.

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