Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Checking out the Competition: NL West Short Stops

Now that the start of the season is within view I thought it would be nice to take a little bit of time and take a look at how the teams in the NL West compare to each other.

Yesterday I took a look at the third basemen and today it is time to move on to the short stops, the projections for each player are from the ZIPS projections from Baseball Think Factory and projected starters from MLB Depth Charts.

So first the not so surprising news, Troy Tulowitzki is awesome and I am incredible jealous and secondly I wish that the Giants had a guy who could be a league average hitter at short stop like Stephan Drew.

Now the somewhat surprising news, by comparison Brandon Crawford doesn't look as bad when you look at the rest of the NL West short stops. On a strict OPS perspective Crawford is within spitting distance of being the third best hitting short stop in the NL West by OPS! This is looking really hard for a silver lining because really at this point as a Giants fan that is all we have when it comes to short stop this season. That Marco Scutaro trade kills me every time I look at this.

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