Friday, February 3, 2012

The Blogger Session at Media Day

So the Giants broke new ground today and let the unwashed Giants bloggers have unprecedented access to Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean.

I appreciate the chance to ask the questions because I realize that not every team does this.

So some quick notes:

Bruce Bochy uses more technology than Brian Sabean but that still isn't saying much because it is limited to his iPad.

The Giants do utilize some technology and were among the first to utilize Bloomberg's defensive metrics. They are trying to get away from using just eyeballs to measure defense.

On to the question of middle relief, the Giants felt pressure because of the injury to Brian Wilson last season to bring back a lot of the bullpen depth just in case.

Sabean acknowledged that the team probably overpaid for the two but in the end it was something they were willing to do.

Sabean said that the will look at extending Wilson because there really isn't any in house closer options that he sees forcing them to make a change. Talked about that there is a closer mentality even if some people think otherwise.

The Giants knew before the off season that they were not going to keep Jonathan Sanchez from the beginning and are happy with the guys that they got to play their with the increased athleticism.

As for Posey and Sanchez, Bochy is excited to have them both back ad expects to get 145 or so games from Sanchez.

Sabean commented that the way Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford were brought up wasn't what the team had planned but both guys did a good job working through it and put in good work over the offseason.

He sees that Sandoval, Posey and Belt should make up the core of the offense for the future. There have even been discussions of if Huff can handle a full time role in left field to give Belt a shot at first.

More notes to come.

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