Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Replacing Runs for the Giants

The major off-season discussion for the Giants has been about how they will get better offensively next season. Over the weekend it looks like a couple people took a shot at trying to answer that.

David Fung at Beyond the Boxscore as a part of his series took a look at the players the Giants lost to free agency and used the Bill James projections to get an idea of what their replacements would do in their place.

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According to the projections the guys that the Giants are bringing in should be on average a little bit better than the guys that they are replacing. The big question marks is how Bruce Bochy will handle all the players that are looking for playing time.

The next look at the Giants quest to upgrade their offense comes from Dr. B at When the Giants Come to Town.

He took a look at the OPS by position from last season and compared that to last season. Here is the main takeaway:
Using actual numbers, the Giants, as currently constructed project to close to a league average offense. As we have noted before, Brandon Belt is a huge wild card depending on whether his projections are accurate and how much playing time he gets. Of course, there are the usual caveats about projections. There is a reason why they play the games. Whether Belt plays or not or whether he is as good as projected or not, if you accept projections as more objective and conservative than say, taking a wild guess, then, as long as the pitching stays healthy, the Giants should be in great shape to contend for another title in 2012.
I am still a little skeptical the Giants have done enough to get to a league average offense, to me their are still just so many question marks and it will take quite a few things breaking the correct way for that to happen.

I guess we will see.

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