Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet the Giants new largest stakeholder

Larry Baer may be the face of the ownership group but he is far from the largest shareholder in the team and that means that he must answer to the people that ultimately control the team.

Well today Mark Purdy of the Mercury News has a story introducing us to the man that is now the main guy in charge. Giants fans meet Charles Johnson.

There isn't a lot to give us an idea of what it means for the Giants in the future expect for that he was one of the people that helped push out Bill Nuekom. Here is some of the background from Purdy's story:
Johnson, according to Forbes magazine, is among the world's 250 richest people. The co-chairman and co-founder of the Franklin Resources financial mega-firm is worth an estimated $4.4 billion...
He is 78 years old. He is chairman and co-founder of Franklin Resources, the investment and mutual fund giant. Johnson and his wife, Ann, have been longtime Bay Area philanthropists. They live on the peninsula.

That's about it in terms of biographical information.
It is still too early how things under the new regime will turn out but I can't say that I am thrilled with how things are starting (can you say rainy day fund). With this information we will at least now have an idea of how is behind the spin machine that is Baer.

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