Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What did the Giants do to Jeff Keppinger?

When Jeff Keppinger was a member of the Astros, he was one of the hardest guys to strike out in all of baseball. Since joining the Giants, he has more than doubled his strikeout total in just 21 games.

There must be something in the fog here.

This might just be some small sample size shenanigans, but this was not what was advertised with the guy. In 170 plate appearances with the Astros, he struck out seven times. In 80 plate appearances with the Giants, he has struck out nine times (counting his hat trick that he racked up this afternoon against the Pirates).

I don't have a problem with strikeouts per se, but when it is from a slappy singles hitter who doesn't hit for much power, it's a very frustrating thing to watch.

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