Monday, August 1, 2011

Totally Irrelevant Stats: Giants Record by Uniform Worn

I love this stuff and I am glad that someone is tracking it. Here is the Giants record by uniform worn courtesy of the Uni Watch Blog:
The stats as of 7/31/2011

Home: The Giants are now a total of 32 – 18 at home with the following splits: Cream = 19 – 12, Orange Friday = 5 – 3, Orange Billed Sunday (OBS) = 7 – 2.

These splits DO include the two games in which the Giants wore ribbon stickers (Mothers’ day and AIDS Awareness), both of which were won by Ryan Voglesong, and the period in which MLB imposed that the All Stars wear their patches, during which the team went 3 – 4 and the starters named to the team went 2 – 2 in 5 games.

These splits do NOT include two games in which their uniform was modified, Flag desecration day (a loss) and their “gold lettering” day (a win).

Their Home OBS record is a SHOCKER. Perhaps I was hasty about branding it as a bad idea across the board, since it wins at home.

Road: Different story, The’re a total of 29 ~ 29 with the following splits: Grey = 26 ~ 22, OBS = 1 ~ 7, Special days (Jackie Robinson day and a Flag Desecration day) = 2 – 0 Included in these splits is the Fathers’ day game, in which the Giants sustained a loss.

OBS on the road is weighing us down, we should get rid of it!

Total OBS record now stands at 8 – 9 in 17 games. Overall Record is 61 – 47.
Nerdy stuff but I love it even if it really has no bearing on how the Giants perform (or does it?).

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