Monday, August 8, 2011

A Tale of Deadline Acquisitions

The Giants made some movies before the trade deadline and with a little over a week it is time to make some hugely premature judgments based on sample sizes that are far too small.

Carlos Beltran:

.244/ .261/ .356 with a .268 wOBA

The Beltran trade came with huge expectations with the Giants giving up prized prospect Zack Wheeler in the deal and to date Beltran hasn't hit like advertised. He seems to have taken on the image of the Giants instead of being an agent for change.

Here is some fun with the small sample, his walk rate has dropped 85 percent from what it was with the Mets while his strikeout rate has nearly increased 65 percent. His isolated power has shriveled in half while his weighted runs created plus has gone from being 51 percent better than league average to being 36 percent below.

The more impatient fans have started to rain down boo's upon him. Hopefully the Giants have a little more patience with him to turn things around than they gave Brandon Belt after his early struggles.

Jeff Keppinger

.308/ .343/ .354 with a .311 wOBA

Keppinger has been much better received by Giants fans because well he actually hit the ball. His defense has left some things to be desired but at least he has turned second base into something that is no longer an automatic out.

It isn't all roses however, that great batting average is pretty empty with just 3 extra base hits which makes him just an average offensive player despite the above average batting average. Saying this however feels like complaining about getting a Sam Adams when you ordered an Anchor Steam, yeah it's a little worse than what you wanted but it sure as hell beats that Colt 45 your drinking a few weeks ago.

Orlando Cabrera

.233/ .226/ .300 with a .210 wOBA

Here is something that will help Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy sleep at night Cabrera has as many RBI's with the Giants as Carlos Beltran and Jeff Keppinger combined. If you are looking for some good news in the small sample of the Giants that plus he doesn't look completely horrible at shortstop are about all that I have.

Everything else is just as bad as what I expected and it is made even worse when he hits 5th in the order. Cabrera has not walked yet nor has he hit for much power and to top everything off he is an easy out that doesn't make the pitcher work (just 2.61 pitches per plate appearance). He doesn't seem like he is much of an upgrade over the options that the Giants had.

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