Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Projecting the Series: Giants vs. Padres

There is something about a 2 game series I don't like. It just doesn't feel right, 4 games often seems too long while 3 games seems just right. Maybe it is just because the vast majority of the season is made up of 3 game series that I am just used to that.

Regardless I think that this 2 games series is even more annoying because the opponent is the Padres. I still have trouble seeing them on the schedule after all the crazy stuff that happened against them last season, they played Giants style baseball and it sucked to beat at your own teams game.

The one thing that at least last season I had to fall back on was that the Giants had the superior offense now that isn't even true. The Padres offense has been superior to the Giants by just about every measure, they have a better batting average, a better on base percentage, a better slugging percentage, more runs scored all while playing baseball in a pitcher's paradise.

It's depressing and to make matters even worse their offense is hot right now. In the month of August they are averaging over 5.6 runs per game. This is the freaking Padres and they have the second best offense in all of Major League Baseball for this month. Geez the Giants just can't catch a break.

The odds are not good considering that the Giants have their top 2 pitchers going and at this point I would feel pretty grateful to get a split anything more would be gravy.


Game 1
Game 2
0 out 2

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