Friday, August 26, 2011

The One Good Thing About Last Nights Game

Even though the Giants were made to look horrible by their former farmhand Henry Sosa, there was at least one good thing from last night's game. It was my little nuggets first Giants game and one of the little perks of running a blog is that I can partake in some ego boosting self indulgence and write about it.

For those interested there is more after the jump...


Going to the game was definitely a last minute choice and thanks to the Giants losing and the Astros in town we were able to score some sweet lower box seats.

The baby didn't care for the noise because we were up past her bed time but she had a good time watching the game for a while. She does seem to love watching baseball (actually she likes watching just about anything you put her in front of but if I have any say she is going to love baseball).

The end result wasn't what we had in mind but I have a feeling when I am remembering this in a few years we are going to be at Wednesday's Tim Lincecum game against the Padres.

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