Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guillermo Mota Doesn't Mess Around

In a bullpen stocked with above average arms it is pretty easy to overlook Guillermo Mota. He is the last man in the bullpen and is relegated to mop up duty and extra innings games. So when a pitcher like this does something pretty extraordinary like Mota did yesterday it is worth mention.

Mota came in during the 7th inning yesterday after Ryan Vogelsong allowed 3 straight hits. The last thing that the Bruce Bochy wanted was to let the Diamondbacks back in the game or tire out his bullpen in front of another big series against the Phillies.

Mota did exactly what was asked of him and did it with style.

He faced 8 batters and not a single one was able to put a ball in play against him. He got 6 strikeouts and allowed 2 walks. His stuff was electric as he got 5 D-Backs swinging and caught Henry Blanco looking for his final out of the day.

All said of his 24 strikes thrown 9 were swings and misses good enough for a ridiculous 37.5% swinging strike rate.

Mota may be the long relief/emergency guy but he sure didn't look the part yesterday. A tip of the hat to you on your excellent outing.

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