Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Bye Aaron Rowand and Migeul Tejada

Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada were designated for assignment this morning and the collective response of the fan base has been pretty positive.

Tejada was a stop gap measure and it turned out that he didn't have much left. The move didn't work out but it wasn't a huge mistake.

Rowand on the other hand was a pretty big acquisition in the offseason following the 2007 season. He was supposed to be a middle of the order threat and except for a couple hot stretches here and there he has been a major disappointment.

For example in the first half of 2008 Rowand got off to a fast start he hit .291/.359/ .445 and Brian Sabean was looking good. Well it was all down hill from there in the next 3 and a half year Rowand could only muster a .243/ .273/ .382 line and never saw a slider that wasn't good enough to take a rip at.

The Giants decided that Rowand wasn't worth taking up a roster spot anymore, that is pretty big news and I have to say that I am in agreement.

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