Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Giants Bats Slump (With an awesome Graph)

I joked earlier about the Giants offense and ways to fix it, but in all seriousness, the Giants are in the middle of a huge funk right now as a team.

Here is the Giants ten game moving average of runs per game.

The peak came on July 6th after scoring six runs in a victory over the San Diego Padres, capping off a run where they went 10-5, capping off a stretch where they finally put themselves in the positive for the season in run differential.

In the past month, the Giants offense has gone cold. In their last 30 games, they are averaging just 2.9 runs per game. In there current spell of losing nine of 11, they have scored just two runs per game, with an average of just 1.2 runs in the games that they have lost.

I joked in a chat with fellow bloggers yesterday that it would be heaven if the Giants could score four runs per game for a week. I am not lying. The one time that happened from April 12th to April 19th, the Giants won six of seven games. That was a long time ago with offenses that featured a heart of the order of Posey, Sandoval, Burrell, and Belt. That isn't coming back anytime soon, folks.

Scoring four runs in a game shouldn't feel like an offensive explosion. It shouldn't feel like a monumental task. But for this team at this moment, four runs might as well be ten.

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