Monday, August 15, 2011

Brian Wilson Melts Down

What a horrible 9th inning by the Giants. They say that a blown save is the most demoralizing of all losses and I think Giants fans will agree with that after tonight's gut punch.

The run down of the misery (I watched a replay of this just for you; I think I deserve a medal):

Jose Constanza singled to shortstop. The high chopper got by Mike Fontenot and Orlando Cabrera couldn't make the transition from glove to bare hand cleanly as he rushed to get the speedy Constanza. That's a tough luck play.

Eric Hinske walks. There were a couple of close pitches that didn't go Wilson's way and you have to credit Hinske for not swinging at Wilson's pitches. This has been the M-O of Wilson this year; way too much nibbling and trying to be perfect and it didn't work out with this walk to put the tying run on base.

Michael Bourn sacrifices, with Constanza and pinch runner Julio Lugo advance. The tying run is now in scoring position. (Surprisingly, this actually lowered the win expectancy for the Braves)

Martin Prado singled to left past a diving Mike Fontenot scoring Constanza. The thing that I didn't get is he had just blown a 96 MPH fastball past him that he couldn't catch up to but then decided to go with the cutter on the next pitch. He caught too much plate and Prado turned on it. It also just got by Fonenot. Maybe a healthy Pablo Sandoval is able to reach that with his new improved range. Anyway, tying run now at third with just one out.

Brian McCann walked. Wilson looks like he wants no part of him. I am not sure we you would do this with one of the hottest hitters on the planet in Dan Uggla on deck. Why not use that nasty two seamer and try to get that ground ball for a double play here?

Uggla struck out swinging. Wilson looked like he took things to another level here. All three pitches that went for strikes were right on the outside corner and perfect pitches. The best Wilson had looked all night.

Freddie Freeman singled to center, Lugo and Prado score, game over. He got ahead with one ball and two strikes, then threw some pitches that were easy takes to bring the count full. On the 3-2 pitch, he caught too much plate and Freeman hit the ball up the middle. With the runners in motion because of the full count, they score without even a throw, thus capping the brutal loss.

Wilson had some bad luck with ground balls finding holes, but he sure didn't help himself with the walks and falling behind hitters. This has been a rough season for Wilson where he doesn't look like himself at all.

His velocity is down, which earlier in the year I thought was because he wanted to get more movement. Now I am not so sure that he is 100 percent healthy. He just doesn't seem right.

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