Wednesday, August 31, 2011

6 Back 5 Weeks to go

I was looking through the archives from August of last year and for some reason I was feeling much more optimistic than I am now. I can't explain it because the team was in a pretty similar situation with their world class pitching staff struggling majorly.

This year it is the offense that is dragging the team down but it is possible that they could get hot and go on a run similar to what the pitchers did last season (well it wouldn't be historical I am sure but maybe they could average 5 runs a game).

Here is something that I wrote last season on August 24th:
Time is running out on the playoff run, it is still possible to follow the old Dusty Baker rule of making up a game a week to get back into it the division lead but the margin of error has shrunk to zero.
Well things are looking a little more dire and the Giants cannot follow the Dusty Rule because it will leave them a game short but with 6 games against the team in front of them things are not impossible.

Here is another inspiring note:
If the Padres Diamondbacks blow it wouldn't even break into a top 10 list of late season collapses. That is not to say it is likely or easy but it is not time to count them out. The chance of a division title is still alive in the 10-15% 20% range.
And finally a cliche filled rant that would fit well into any Disney movie:
The team has gone into a little bit of a funk and it is getting to the point where there backs are up against the wall, it just takes a couple of the leaders to step up and this ship will be righted. The baseball season is 162 games; it is a marathon and not a sprint. One game doesn't send a team to the World Series and the Giants just need to take it one game at a time. The veteran presence won't let this team get too down, they keep the clubhouse chemistry loose and fun, and it is one of the intangibles in a veteran team. They just know how to win and given the time the will perform. This team has fought too hard and has too much mental toughness to just roll over and die. If they give it 110 percent and buy into what Bruce Bochy is selling and play as a team this team can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get back into the race.
Go get em guys.

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