Wednesday, December 15, 2010

End of Season Review: Edgar Renteria

San Francisco Giants Edgar Renteria hits a three-run homerun in the seventh inning of game 5 of the World Series at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas on November 1, 2010.  UPI/Kevin Dietsch Photo via Newscom

With one swing of the bat Edgar Renteria planted himself in Giants lore forever. He had just enough magic left and with that beautiful arcing home run earned every penny of his injury plagued 2 year contract.

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Renteria was not always appreciated by the Giants fans and I can't really blame them for it. Renteria was signed before the 2009 season and it was pretty much regarded as another Brian Sabean old vet style move that would blow up in our faces.

In 2009 that is exactly what it looked like. Renteria looked like he nothing left in the tank while putting up a triple slash line of .250/ .307/ .328 with an OPS+ of 67.

To a certain extent I think that a lot of people let 2009 cloud their judgment about Renteria, because this season he wasn't really that bad. He was the 15th best shortstop in major league baseball by wOBA, in his limited playing time was still good enough to accumulate a WAR of 1.3. Basically Renteria was still a league average shortstop and not a black hole of suckitude.

There is mutual interest to bring back Renteria as a backup and I think that I can get on board with that especially if the money ends up like what is being rumored ($1 million range). Renteria still has flashes of his former glory but at this point is not anywhere near an everyday player.

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