Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do the Giants Have Too Much Versatility?

Is a Swiss Army Knife too versatile as well?
Bay Area sports fans should be familiar with Damon Bruce a host on KNBR 1050 and former host of Sportsphone 680 that aired after Giants games.

Damon is an interesting guy and he is usually pretty entertaining. He is good for a few hours of radio and some interesting takes on the goings on of Bay Area sports.

His job as a sports talk show host is saying things that are a little bit out there that will draw people in and create a conversation. I get that.

Well this afternoon he was discussing the Giants and said something that I find to be, well to put it bluntly stupid.

He said that the Giants were too versatile.

That's right they have too much flexibility from there players. This team has no lead guitarist just a bunch of guys out there that can play a bunch of different instruments, they have guys that play the trombone and harp, the drums and the rhythm guitar but no true guy who is front and center.

He used this metaphor to suggest that the off season moves have thus been a failure because Brain Sabean has not gone out and got the perennial All-Star to lead the team. I am calling shenanigans on him.

For one the Giants DO have a lead guitarist, the team is built so that the pitching staff is the heart of the team and for all intents and purpose is the lead guitarist. If you are looking for that guy on offense look no further then rookie of the year Buster Posey. Posey is the best hitter in the lineup and should be making quite a few all-stars games in the near future.

Secondly is there such thing as too much versatility?

I would have to say no. The major league season is a six month struggle of 162 games. Teams are going to face injuries it is just a matter of time and being able to deal with them can mean the difference of going to the playoffs or not.

Having depth and positional flexibility is an advantage not a liability. When a player goes down being able to shift another player over instead of bringing up a guy who is replacement level saves wins. With the Giants you may not get the same lineup out there everyday but the mixing and matching while maddening at times gives them the best chance for victory.

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