Friday, November 12, 2010

Juan Uribe's Next Contract

San Francisco Giants Juan  Uribe (R) hits an RBI single in front of Texas Rangers catcher Matt  Treanor (L) and umpire Sam Holbrook (C) in the seventh inning during Game 2 of Major League Baseball

In a sea of blah free agent middle infielders Juan Uribe appears to be one of the few that isn't in his mid or late 30's and has a respectable bat.

Here is the list of free agent shortstops:

Geoff Blum (38)
Orlando Cabrera (36) - Type B
Juan Castro (39)
Craig Counsell (40)
Bobby Crosby (31)
Adam Everett (34)
Cristian Guzman (33)
Jerry Hairston Jr. (35)
Cesar Izturis (31)
Derek Jeter (37) - Type A
Julio Lugo (35)
Nick Punto (33)
Edgar Renteria (34)
Miguel Tejada (37) - Type A
Juan Uribe (31) - Type B

It should be obvious that the Giants would like to have Uribe back, they have a glaring hole at shortstop with no in house option that is ready to step in and give the same value. That leads to what kind of a contract should be coming to Uribe?

Fangraphs asked its readers that very question and got that he is due 2 years at $6 million a season as the median and average. That makes sense as that seems to be the going rate for a 30's middle infielder.

However I think this under shoots what he will end up with. Uribe should be a solid 2 win player with upside to be a 3 win guy, at the marginal cost of a win that puts him in the $8 to $12 million range a season.

Personally I think that with such a weak class and an economy that isn't collapsing spending will increase this winter. My personal opinion is that he will get an additional year or a few million more. 

I am thinking that he will get a 2 year $15 million deal or a 3 year $18 million deal and that should be more then fair for the team that signs him which is hopefully the Giants.

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