Monday, November 22, 2010

Jon Miller Leaning Towards Giants Broadcasting Full Time

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that radio play by play man Jon Miller is leaning against doing Sunday Night Baseball on the radio for ESPN.
[Miller] said by phone that he needs time to contemplate ESPN's offer to continue calling the Sunday night games on radio, though he is inclined to say no. That could land Miller in the Giants' broadcast booth on weekends for the first time since joining the team before the 1997 season.
Miller was not definitive about ESPN's radio offer because "it's still being talked about, and I'll hear out their offer," he said. At the same time, he said he is "not likely" to accept.

This would be welcome news for Giants fans who have been without Miller most weekends as he traveled to the location of the Sunday Night Game.

I was hopeful for selfish reasons that this would be the case and I am glad to hear that this is the way that Miller is leaning. There is nothing better then the way that Miller is able to tell stories and paints the picture of the baseball games.

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