Monday, November 22, 2010

Create Your Own Title for the Giants 2010 Season

Beat writer extraordinaire Andrew Baggarly started an internet meme yesterday when he asked his followers: If you were writing a book about the 2010 season, what would be your title/subtitle?

This brought out the creativity of Giants Fans. Here were some of my favorites:

@AndresFirst: Money Ball 2: This Team Actually Won Something (Yeah suck it A's fans)

@JeffitUp: P is for Panda, U is for Unicorn, W is for Water-buffalo: The Children's A to Z Animal Book of the 2010 SF Giants

@Mike_Moreno: Spring of doubt, Summer of torture and Fall of relief

@trouserbug: The 2010 Giants: San Francisco's Year of "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" (Fwd by Rangers Owner George W. Bush)

@djbtvImprobable Champions: How I learned To Stop Worrying And Trust Bruce Bochy

And finally my addition, As Ryan Howard Watches: The Giants 2010 Championship Run.

Got an addition? The twitter hashtag is #giantsbook to join the conversation also follow the Crazy Crabbers @crazycrabbers you will be a better person for doing it.

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