Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Source: Phillies Have to face Real Pitching in NLCS

According to MLB sources the NLDS Championship Giants will be allowed to throw other pitches beside batting practice fastballs to the Phillies in the NLCS starting Saturday night.

This is a huge blow to the Phillies who thrived on the Reds starting pitching getting 13 hits and 6 runs off of the reds starters.

"It really sucks to have to face real pitchers," said one unnamed Phillies player. "You really get used to fastballs that are groved right down the middle. It will be a major adjustment now that we will get mid 90's fastballs on the black and bighting change up's in the dirt."

The MLB rep who spoke on the agreement that he would remain nameless continued saying that, "In the NLDS games against the Reds MLB stipulated that there would be nothing but batting practice fastballs and definitely no pitches that could be classified as 'nasty'. However in the NLCS that same agreement could not be reached with the Giants."

The MLB source also said, "The Reds were explicitly told just throw it down the middle it will help the ratings to get an east coast team in there. We will pay you back next season."

The Reds did everything that MLB wanted even blowing a 4 run lead in game 2. That same easy treatment can not be guaranteed against the Giants who boast a real defense and a stout pitching staff.

"We're trying to stay upbeat, but this sucks," said one unnamed Phillies source. "You have to bring your 'A' game against the Giants but being able to beat up on the Reds pitching was a key guy for us. It's going to force us to hit 'real pitching' and we're not really built for that."

The Phillies hitters also took a hit on Tuesday with the announcement that they will be unable to know exactly what pitch was coming and that they would face an actual elite pitching staff.

This is satire but there is that bit of truth that makes this really funny. Because really the Reds pitching was not good and the Giants are the best in MLB. It will be an interesting series.


  1. A Footnote to this story: Further negotiations are in progress on a no "Cheap Home run at AT&T" clause that will be instituted for the NLCS. Seems that the Phillies are so used to hitting easy flyball's for home runs in that band box they call a "Yard" that this could result in a huge setback in their bid for another World Series appearance.

  2. Nice.

    That "yard": really is a place of cheap homeruns.

  3. You three ahave no knowledge of the game. Your offense or lack of will not be able to manufacture a single "cheap" homerun in CBP. if you are lucky you will get the ball out of the infield. Unlike the braves we will not commit errors to give away important games. Instead we will shut you out and beat you down with a high powered offense that has been consistent over the past four years. Unless Tim Lincecum can learn to swing the bat as well as he pitches you'll be lucky to get one run. Your team has a bunch of veterans with no post season experience but you'll just make some ridiculous argument stating that it doesn't matter they will be able to handle the pressure. Then you'll go on to say buster posey is a god send and he will beat the phillies all on his own. Rather he will crack under the pressure bestowed upon him by all of you and will go hitless. Im pretty sure joey votto is better than him and he had one hit. Your team is inferior to the phillies in every offensive category. The only hope the giants have is their pitching and if that last shimmering beacon of hope fails you. Then you will fall and weep when you witness true champions stamp on your throat and drain the last gasping breath from your season. go phillies