Friday, October 22, 2010

Small Sample Size Fun: Giants Playoff Edition

Let's keep this light hearted after last nights game. This addition of Small Sample Size Fun™ we look at the Giants home playoff record when they hand out "Rally Towels" vs. "Rally Pom Poms."

With the Rally Towels: 3-0

Game 1 of NLDS, Games 3 and 4 of NLCS

With the Rally Pom Poms: 0-2

Game 2 of NLDS, and Game 5 of the NLCS

If I were superstitious (which I am only sometimes when it is really important kind of like during the playoffs) I would say stop giving out those damn pom poms and only give out rally towels.

I get that the rally pom pom plays better on TV and even from inside the stadium a sea of orange plastic strings moving in random ways is pretty cool to watch but damn it this is important.

The next chance that we will have to put this theory to test would be during the World Series, which I am still hopping this team can make and there should be no messing around.

Give out the towels and this team has magic. Give out a pom pom and this team is nothing but choke.

The choice is easy in my mind.

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