Monday, October 4, 2010

Ramon Ramirez's Clutch 7th Inning Performance

Ramon Ramirez came up huge to the one batter he faced in the top of the 7th inning.

Praise the Baseball Gods!

Santiago Casilla had pitched well in relief for Jonathan Sanchez but with a single and an error Bruce Bochy went to the pen. This ended up being the second biggest moment of the game behind only the jam the Casilla worked out of with a risky double play in the 6th.

I am sure the Bruce Bochy saw that nice sub 3 ERA and felt good but I was popping antacids and pacing in front of the TV at the thought of the 3.50 BB/9 and 4.23 FIP this season. To put it shortly I was nervous that he would walk the go ahead run in front of Adrian Gonzalez who would rip our hearts out.

Luckily the baseball gods smiled upon us and Miguel Tejada was sent back to the bench.
Those were 9 of the hardest pitches I have ever watched. I am head over heels happy that things worked out for the Giants but I discovered the only guys in the bullpen that don't make me want to pee my pants are Brian Wilson, Sergio Romo and Javier Lopez (against lefties I feel pretty good, against righties not as much).

This may be a long playoffs if the other guys in the pen get used too much with no margin for error.

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  1. Hey crazy, I think you mean Ramon Ramirez!

  2. You're right thanks for catching that.

  3. No problem! I call him Ramon Martinez all the time myself!